His wonderful performances have become events that our knowledgeable and discriminating audience looks forward to with high expectation. His choice of repertoire and the glorious sounds he elicits demonstrated his understanding of and the intimate relationship he has with the organ.

Four Seasons Plus! Series, Killingworth, CT

Playing with care and passion, Nathan’s performances are both awe-filled and stirring.  At the same time, he can use the organ in ways that are playful, matching the music to the occasion. For us, he offered an education in the moods, registers, and talents of the organ—sounds that we had never before thought possible of our too familiar instrument—in just one concert.  In an era where fine organists are increasingly hard to find, Nathan is a rare jewel.

Arts on the Edge, Wolfeboro, NH

Nathan exploited nearly every resource that is found on the large instrument at Central Baptist. The fiery Toccatas that began and ended his program were delicately balanced with the gentle and soothing sounds of Handel, Sowerby and Dubois. Nathan’s program was well thought out, well prepared and greatly appreciated by the audience.

Music @ Central, Norwich, CT

Nathan Bayreuther is one of those rare musicians who combines a mature talent with a playful enthusiasm when he sits down at the organ. His selection of stops, use of expression, and skillful phrasing demonstrates that he loves to make music come alive for the listener, always the hallmark of a great organist.

Joe Dzeda, Assistant Curator of Organs, Yale University, CT